Question:  Why the name The Right Fit Consulting? How did it come about?

Answer:  That was hard, I mulled over it for quite some time. Words are really important. I didn’t want my business to be about me, but those I serve. It isn’t named after a person or leader; it’s an attitude, a philosophy. “Rightness” is contextual. What is right for one person, group, relationship, isn’t necessarily right for the next. The key here is that I have the questions, you have the answers. 

Question:  What tools do you use?

Answer:  There are two fundamental tools I utilize: the Nine Domains Approach™ and the Enneagram of Personality. 

The Nine Domains


The Team & Organization Level Assessment Tool™ (TOLAT) is an online assessment of 45 questions that is given to every member of a group or team to ensure full insight as to the group performance. Each Domain has five levels of functioning. Any group can be operating at a fairly high level in certain aspects but low in another. Once the data is analyzed specific combinations of team building exercises and coaching can be recommended. For a brief description of the Nine Domains, click here. 

The Enneagram of Personality

Where the Nine Domains are the full spectrum of styles necessary to work in the world, the Enneagram (“ennea” is Greek for nine) of Personality is the manifestation of these key elements represented in personality. As a personality identification system it goes far and beyond any other in not only the scope of describing personality styles, attitudes and behaviors, most importantly, it identifies motivations. Discussion of behaviors is next to meaningless without a clear understanding of what motivates and drives the actions. For a brief description of the Enneagram of Personality, click here.

Question:  How does coaching get started?

Answer:  Ideally, you look at my website or have met another client and what you’ve seen or heard intrigues you. We set up a one hour meeting where we can discuss your needs and how I may be able to assist you, no fees, no implied commitment. After that, if we are both feel that it is a good fit we schedule weekly, one hour coaching sessions.

Question:  Is there homework?

Answer:  Homework in the traditional school sense, no. Exploration and discovery work for you to do between sessions to get the most out of our time together, absolutely. Within the day, at most 2, of our session you can expect about to have to answer a few questions that will help you to focus your attention to your own thoughts, behaviors and experiences over the next week based on what we had discussed in session. The day before the next session, you will make note of what really stood out and what if anything ​surprised you. 

“Provide a comprehensive and holistic framework for having a clear understanding of any complex process, whether that process is found in nature or is man-made. The Nine Domains are ‘necessary and sufficient’ elements for understanding more clearly how something works- or if it is not working properly. They give us a way of seeing if a complex system is complete and therefore sustainable, or if some key elements are either deficient or entirely missing-and the system is therefore not sustainable.” Copyright 2012, The Nine Domains Group LLC



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Frequently Asked Questions

I have written a workbook, Joyfully Ever After: Unlocking the True You, which gives you a place to keep all of your work. There are 10 sessions worth ​of specific topics and inquiry to begin the coaching process. 

Question:  How is that different then consulting?

Answer:  Initially, not much. With my consulting clients there is still a problem or frustration that needs addressing. There is a no obligation, preliminary conversation where we discuss concerns, solutions and available resources. I will write up and email the plan and costs for inquiry and groundwork along with two or three possible scenarios, based on what is discovered once we begin. 


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an individual consultation, please contact us.